How are your courses organised?
Our courses for young people offer a teaching method adapted to the needs and wishes of teenagers students : french grammar (20% of the course) is immediately put into practice to allow each student to progress quickly. fun and creative activities are organised, often in small groups to stimulate conversation (some locations include the opportunity for students to converse with the local people through taking surveys and asking questions). the study of the French language and regional culture is approached through the exploration of real-life documents and topics of interest to the young audience.
How is the first day organised?
You will be greeted at school by your group leaders on Monday at 8.45am. In the morning, after having met your group leaders and organisers, a visit of the city with other young students is organised. We will also provide you with the program of the wek's activities. At 1.30pm, you will take a written and oral test (alone with a teacher), which will allow us to determine your level of French and assign a class to you. Your name, the number of your classroom and the first name of your teacher will be posted the following morning in the school hall.
What is the organisation of the week?
Monday morning : presentation of the group leaders and teachers, visit of the city Monday afternoon : evaluation test to determine your level of French (written and oral) Every morning of the week : standard courses Every afternoon of the week : activities, excursions or intensive courses (Tuesday and Thurday) Evenings : themed activities, games, video, Pub, Disco, barbecue
Is it possible to book courses only?
It is possible to book courses only. You can also book meals and activities as a supplement.
Who will my teacher be?
Your teachers are all specialised in teaching young people. They all meet the criteria of teaching standards required in Europe. They all are graduated of French universities.
Is there a certificate or diploma at the end of my courses?
A certificate is awwarded to every student at the end of their stay. Progress are carefully evaluated and recorded.
What is the maximum number of students in the classroom?
For the standard courses, there is a maximum of 15 students per class. For the intensive courses, there is a maximum of 6 students per class, and a maximum of 8 per class for the e-courses.
How many levels of courses is there?
There is 4 levels of courses : Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.
Can I be in the same class as a friend?
Only if you both have the same level of French.
Do I need to bring my own school material?
You will need to bring a pen and a notebook (or a binder).
Are there classes on national holidays?
There is no class on public holidays but our group leaders do offer activities or excursions.
What's the schedule of the courses?
Standard courses take place in the morning, from 9am to 12noon. Intensive courses take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 2pm to 4pm. In Biarritz, courses take place Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm.
What are the school's affiliations?
ATOLL JUNIORS depends from the Centre International d'Antibes, which is affiliated to : F.L.E: "Qualité Français Langue Étrangère" S.O.U.F.F.L.E : French quality organisation. E.A.Q.U.A.L.S : International quality organisation. C.S.N : For Swedish students benefiting from a scholarship.
What is the average age of the students?
17% of our students are aged 11-14. 83% are aged 15-17.
Will I share a room with someone the same nationality?
To help you practice your French language outside the classroom, we try to accommodate you in a room with students of nationalities and mother tongues different from your own.
Can I share my room with a friend?
Yes, if you request this upon booking and according to availability.
Will I have my own room?
Single rooms are available on request (for a supplementary charge, only on a host family), depending on the location and availability. See our Dates & Prices page.
How are the host families selected?
The host family recruiter has been the same person for the past five years. Families are visited once a year and are subject to a report. They have a contract with the school. Their majority of host families has been working with us for many years. We select host families which meet the standards and criteria for both students and their parents/legal guardians.
Will there be children in the host family?
It is possible that your host family has children. Some families are single-parent families.
How far from the school will I be accommodated?
For those who are accommodated on campus, courses are held on the campus. For students living with a host family or in a residence, your accommodation will be no more than 30 minutes by bus from the school. We cannot guarantee you an accommodation x minutes away from the school.
Can I choose my residence?
You may state your preference, however we cannot guarantee that you will be accommodated in the residence of your choice.
Is it possible to modify my booking?
It is possible but fees apply. See our terms and conditions section.
When should I arrive?
Arrivals are scheduled for Sunday and departures for Saturday. An additional day is authorized in some cases, but the transfer to the airport or railway station is charged as a supplement. Those who chose the Hyères program and arrive at the Nice airport, need to be there before 8pm.
When do I need to book my stay?
The sooner the better. But, depending on availability, you can book until the Friday 12noon prior to your arrival.
Will I need a visa to study in France?
For any information regarding visas, passports and authorizations to stays in France, please consult a French consulate or embassy in your country. Address of the french consulate in your country : http://www.expatries.diplomatie.fr/Annuaires/annuaires.htm. Then click : "Représentations diplômatiques et consulaires à l'étranger". Choose your country.
Do I need an insurance?
European students, don't forget your E111 form. You will also need a civil liability insurance
What happens if I suffer from allergies or illness?
Please speak to your group leaders, they will help you.
How should I dress?
Consult the weather before leaving (the sun will generally be shining). To attend courses, please wear clothes suitable for the classroom. Think of bringing a sports outfit for activities, and sailing clothes.
Can I bring valuable belongings?
Closets lock with padlocks, but please avoid bringing valuable belongings. ATOLL JUNIORS cannot be responsible for loss or theft.
Are there vegetarian meals?
There is no special meals for vegetarians, but our buffets are diverse and offer vegetarian dishes. Vegetarians choosing to live with a family accommodation will be placed in a family which accommodates vegetarian students.
What activities and excursions are offered?
Our group leaders arrange activities in the afternoons and evenings. In the afternoon : sports or themed activities, boat or bus excursion, sailing, etc… In the evenings : video, Pub, discotheque, barbecue, etc…
What sports will I be able to practice?
Price includes : football (soccer), volley-ball, sailing, etc.… As a supplement, from the Kiosk : golf, go-karting, bowling, horseriding, etc.…
Can I drink alcohol?
Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden on the residence and campus premises. If these rules are abused, students will be subject to restrictions (for example, cancellation of the authorization to go out). Parents will be informed of all excesses
How will the students be supervised?
A inspection of the rooms is made every morning. In the evenings, a professional night security guard verifies each student's authorization to go out. There is always one person at the residence or campus gate during the afternoons and nights.
How do I decide about my child's permission to go out?
Almost every student has the parental permission to go out. Those who don't have permission often feel left out of their peer group. You can choose the curfew time that will apply to your children : never after midnight during the week, or 2am for Friday and Saturday evenings
How can I reach my children?
Those accommodated in residence or with a host family can be reached by phone during meals. In case of an emergency, please contact the school (number available in June).
Can I contact school alumni?
Do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with an alumnus from your country.