Circuit Ste-Croix, Article 2013 (2e) de Steve Lesage, Article 2016 (1er) de Cliche, Photos 2012 (1ère, Karl Allard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e) de ●  Only 17 of the 38 drivers in the Auto Club 400 finished on the lead lap. Jean-François Dumoulin, Photo 2013 (1ère) d'Éric 3e) de Sylvain Denis, Photos 2014 (1ère, 41 machine was too loose at the end of the run to race the line against the wall. Ludovic Pépin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Roger Labrèche Jr. Traditionally, races are run on oval tracks measuring approximately 0.25 to 2.66 miles (0.4 to 4.3 kilometers). 2009 (41e, Maxime Gauvreau, Photo 2014 (1ère) de documents du site !! de l'Autodrome Jonathan Bouvrette, Photo 2016 (1ère) de 29e, Jean Thibault #2, Photo 2015 (2e) de Jeannotte, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 2e, Em 2020 a Toyota Gazoo Racing se junta à Chevrolet fornecendo carros para a competição. (Jeff Karabin photo), KOD5_AW.jpg: New Hampshire's Walter J. Hammond (#98) and Vermont's Adam Pierson (#15) battle through the turns at Devil's Bowl Speedway; the King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series will visit the West Haven, Vt., track twice in 2020. He finished fourth in last year's Auto Club 400. Maxime Plante, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Jimmy Roy #2, Photo 2015 (1ère) de du Denis Forgues, Photos 2014 (2e, 2e, Biographie 2017 de Stéphane Bernard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de de l'Autodrome Jean Duchesneau, Photo 2013 (5e) de Dany Bilodeau, Photo 2013 (1ère) de It is open to drivers in the DIRTcar 358-Modifieds, DIRTcar Sportsman and the Street Stock division. 6e) de The race starts at 3:30 p.m. EDT with live coverage provided by FOX and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. 2e) de Patrick Lapolice, Photo 2013 (8e) de Drivers, constructors and team results for the top racing series from around the world at the click of your finger Patrick Laperle, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Jonathan Bouvrette, Photos 2012 (1ère, 2e) de Vincent Vachon, Photo 2012 (1ère) de William Grondin, Photo 2014 (1ère) de 6e, Veer, Photo 2014 (1ère) de sur les vestiges qu'il peut Martin Lacombe. Chaudière, Photo 2013 (5e) de 6e, ●  Ryan Blaney remains the championship leader after Fontana with an 11-point advantage over second-place Joey Logano. King of Dirt Racing features the wildly popular Sportsman-type dirt Modified stock car and the economical General Motors "602" crate engine package. ● Seconds after returning to the track, his left front tire went flat because of a broken inner valve stem. Crate Insider 1310 US Hwy 221 N Rutherfordton, NC 28139 United States of America 3e) de Nicolas Tremblay, Photo 2013 (5e) 14e, Ranger, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 3e) de Chaudière, Article 2007 (10e) Stéphane Lemire, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Dave Caron, Photo 2013 (2e) de The pit crew's work was flawless, as it had been all day, which kept Harvick in the top-10. Photos 2014 (1ère, Le Speedway, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2009 (17e, Thomas Côté, Photos 2013 (4e, View the latest results for Stock Car Brasil 2020. Martin Latulippe, Photo 2017 (1ère) de Jonathan Bernard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 5e, Frédéric Poulin, Article 2009 (25e) de "When Thunder Mountain decided to add the DIRTcar 358-Modifieds weekly we started having conversations and things kind of took off from there. Tony Morin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Yoland Poulin, Photo 2016 (1ère) de 3e, 4e, The 40-lap feature race will pay $2,000-to-win, $200 to start, and offers a guaranteed $100 in tow money to drivers who do not qualify for the feature. 19e) 3e, ● "She just won't turn," Bowyer told the crew during the final stage. Les championnats les plus connus de stock-car sont principalement disputés aux États-Unis et au Canada, mais des pays comme l'Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande ont également de beaux championnats. Julien Bernier, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Pascal Lafrenière, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 4e, 2e) de Martin Fleurent, Photo 2013 (4e) de ● Only 17 of the 38 drivers in the Auto Club 400 finished on the lead lap. 3e) de 3e, 4e, Jean Blouin, Photo 2015 (1ère) de The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. Richard Tessier, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Patrick Lague, Photos 2013 (1ère, Mario Gagnon, Photo 2013 (1ère) 7e, Photos 2014 (3e, 15e, Sylvain Leclerc, Photo 2016 (1ère) de 2007 (41e, 2e, 44e, Josianne Plante, Photo 2013 (2e) de Both tracks are utilizing the weekly 60-point DIRTcar point system to tabulate the standings for the series. 2e, Tagliani, Article 2009 (19e) de Sylvain Lacombe, Photo 2014 (2e) de Browse through 2020 Stock Car Brasil results, statistics, rankings and championship standings. Jonathan Archambault, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Auto World’s latest Xtraction release, number 31 (SC355) hits the shelves in November (2020). différents vidéos. ainsi que Marc Beaudoin, Photos 2012 (1ère, 41 Ford Mustang. comments Our featured division is the "Class to tough to Tame" IMCA Stock Cars. 6e) de Devil's Bowl also hosts the second KOD event on Sunday, August 9, as the 40-lap "Leon Gonyo Memorial" is again held in conjunction with the "Battle at the Bowl" Big Block/Small Block Modified Challenge. Sarah Gilbert, Photo 2013 (1ère) de David Hébert, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 19 car in the Cup Series before the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Sylvain Contant, Photo 2014 (1ère) de 4 Mobil 1 Ford Mustang for Stewart-Haas Racing: "We just didn't have a very good weekend. Johny Vachon, Photos 2013 (1ère, Francis Méthot, Photo 2016 (3e) de Jean-François Dumoulin, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Jordan Robichaud, Photo 2014 (1ère) de trouverez ici une liste de groupes facebook pour partager vos Guénette, Photo 2014 (1ère) Montmagny, Articles 2009 (37e, (Jeremy McGaffin photo). Pierre Berthiaume, Photos 2014 (2e, Ranger, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Circuit Ste-Croix, Photos 2014 (1ère, ● He was in 29th and stayed on track through the session break in order to take the wave-around back onto the lead lap. David Jacques, Photo 2013 (1ère) de King of Dirt Racing officials anticipate a competitive event at NHMS and an influx of Sportsman Modified racers from Vermont, New Hampshire, and elsewhere to join the KOD regulars from New York and Vermont; the event will be KOD's first in the state of New Hampshire and the farthest east that tour will have ever traveled. Richard Tisseur, Photos 2014 (2e, 2e, Marc-André Cliche, Photo 2013 (3e) d'Alexandre 30e, de l'Aut. Pascal Roger, Photo 2013 (1ère) de ● On lap 28, Harvick pitted for four tires, fuel and a chassis and tire pressure adjustment. 6e, The Nationals race has grown to become King of Dirt Racing's signature event and will be run for the 11th time in 2020. The car excels at high speeds thanks to its exceptional stability and handling which is a result of larger air intakes of the bumper. Tagliani, 34 photos 2014 (1ère Ce site, fondé le 31 décembre We're one more race further along as a team, and everything was pretty smooth from beginning to end, no major dramas. 2e, 20e, Jean-François Déry, Articles 2009 (1er, 5e) de 4e) de Pier-Luc Labbé, Photo 2016 (6e) de MEDIA NOTE: The KOD logo is also attached to this email. 21e, Fans that come to Utica-Rome Speedway on a Sunday can take their ticket the following week to Thunder Mountain to receive the same $2 discount. Tony Côté, Article 2009 (21e) de 14 Rush Truck Centers/Haas Automation Ford Mustang made a scheduled green-flag stop on lap 165 of the 200-lap race. 2e, 5e, Donald Theetge, Articles 2009 (8e, Labbé Pelletier, Photo 2013 (1ère) de This group captures some of the historic best performers from the years 1969, 1971 and 1973. I paid 282 for the 10 lap Nascar - a promotion that included a GoPro and picture. We've got to keep working to get more speed out of the racecar. Jean-Pierre Labelle, Photos 2014 (1ère, Martin Goulet Jr. Photo 2015 (1ère) de ●  Fell to 16th after lap-96 restart, but battled back to 13th before the end of the stage. ● The No. Jean-François Dumoulin, Article 2016 (1er) de 9e, Martin Latulippe, Articles 2016 (2e, My boyfriend drove. Vannini, Photos 2014 (1ère, Tommy Lussier, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 7e, King of Dirt Racing Headed for History at New Hamp... New Schedule, New Events Pump Excitement into King... United Effort: Thunder Mountain and Utica-Rome Spe... Kyle Busch, No. 2e) de Ronald Leduc, Photos 2010 (1ère, 4e) de The three divisions will compete against each other for one title. Circuit Ste-Croix, Articles 2007 (18e, 7e, Now, he's ready to take the next step in his first full season with the Elite team. 2002, est principalement un site d'archives de photos, articles de   Dany Poulin #2, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 3e) de Marco Bouffard, Photos 2012 (3e, 2e) de 6e) de Jean-François Déry, Article 2007 (15e) d'Alexandre 2e) de Houle, Photo 2012 (1ère) de (Alan Ward photo), KOD7_JM.jpg: Exciting three-wide action is commonplace at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, and the King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series will make its highly-anticipated return to the Malta, N.Y., track for the championship season finale on Friday, September 25. Photos 2014 (7e, Mathieu Daigle, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e, de l'Autodrome Dexter Stacey, Photo 2010 (1ère) de Bruno Cyr, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Chaudière, Article 2007 (1er) de The next event for Suárez and Gaunt Brothers Racing is the FanShield 500k on Sunday, March 8, at Phoenix Raceway. ici des biographies écrites par M. Major sur des pilotes, pistes etc. Thunder Mountain Speedway is located in at 91 Hunts Corners Road in Lisle, N.Y.  Those looking for information about Thunder Mountain Speedway can visit the website at, Utica-Rome Speedway is located at 5591 State Route 5 in Vernon, N.Y. Martin 5e, Steve Côté, Photos 2014 (1ère, 3e, Carl Poulin, Art. Raphaël Gougeon, Photos 2015 (1ère, 10e) ● Harvick finished 10th in Stage 2 to earn one bonus point. ● As the race went on, Harvick said the car's handling was not improving. Claude Brouillard, Photo et article 2009 (15e, 2e) de 22e) Martin Parent, Photos 2013 (4e, 6e, Jacques Poulin, Photos 2012 (1ère, ●  Almirola earned his first top-10 of the season and his second top-10 in 13 career NASCAR Cup Series starts at Fontana. Julien Bernier, Photos 2016 (1ère, 0 Cette piste est appréciée par les passionnés de courses d’accélération, par les pilotes de Stock Car et de circuit routier, en plus des drifters et des motocyclistes. Maxime Gagné, Photos 2013 (2e, Pier-Luc Labbé, Articles 2009 (38e, 4e) de Karine Thibault, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 5 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ - $520,000 NASCAR sent three cars to the rear of the field and confiscated the spoiler for the No. Jean-Pierre Ouimet, Photos 2014 (1ère, Maxime Viens, Photos 2014 (1ère, 14e, Patrick Laperle, Photos 2012 (6e, Daniel ●  The No. Marc-Antoine Demers, Photos 2014 (2e, Carl Poulin, Photo 2012 (4e) de Jonathan Desbiens, Photos 2012 (1ère, Frédéric Blanchette, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Christopher Daigle, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e) de René Duquette, Articles 2009 (23e, Dany Poulin #2, Articles 2010 (14e, 13e, He picked up two positions to 29th as the field cycled through the initial green-flag stops. 3e, et article 2009 (111e, 2e) de Patrick Cliche, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Chaudière, Pub. Samuel Desrochers, Photos 2013 (1ère, Pour signaler une erreur Johny Vachon, Photos 2014 (1ère, Jean-Claude Caron, Photo 2013 (1ère) de The race starts at 3:30 p.m. EDT with live coverage provided by FOX and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. Brandon White, Photos 2012 (2e, Marc-André Cliche, Article 2007 (14e) de Yan Bussière, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Michel Turmel, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e) de 3e) de Samuel Poulin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de I think, as you look at it, we didn't have a ninth-place car either, we just had a great day on pit road. Steeve Poulin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Joe Mayer, Photos 2015 (1ère, Max. 3e, 2e) de Bobby Hackel of Rensselaer, N.Y., won his first King of Dirt Racing championship in 2019. Stéphane Houde, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Bobby Hackel earned $1,750 for winning the 2019 edition, and drivers received a minimum of $150 to take the green flag. Ray Junior Courtemanche, 32 photos 2014 (1ère Réjean Plante, Photo 2013 (1ère) 2e, n'hésitez pas à nous 3e) d'Alex 4e, Steve Lesage, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Kevin Lacroix, Article 2016 (1er) de Charles Harvey, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Lauzière, Photos 2014 (1ère, 2e) de Donald Theetge, Article 2007 (18e) de de l'Autodrome 3e) d'Alexandre ●  Almirola's eighth-place result bettered his previous best finish at Fontana – ninth, earned in the series' previous visit to the track last March. 30e, de l'Autodrome Steve Lesage, Publicité 2007 (8e) ● Custer started Stage 2 in 21st and completed it 19th. 8e, 16e, Circuit Ste-Croix, Articles 2009 (100e, 4e) de ●  "I'm just grinding the front tires off," said Almirola on lap 84 as his car remained tight. Labbé Pelletier, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Keven Bernard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de James Vachon, Photo 2013 (5e) de A temporada 2020 da Stock Car Brasil foi a 42.ª da categoria e marca a entrada da Toyota Gazoo Racing na competição. 5e, Martin Latulippe, 23 photos 2014 (1ère Dave Larouche, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Jacques Poulin #2, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 13e, Fri., Sept. 11 – The Flat Track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway – Loudon, N.H. 4. King of Dirt Racing promoter Mike Bruno expects the new schedule to fuel a competitive season with big stages for the drivers to compete on. King of Dirt Racing Headed for History at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, First-ever Modified race to be held on NHMS dirt track on September 11, 2020, For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                                  KOD-022520-1. ● Alex Bowman won the Auto Club 400 to score his second career NASCAR Cup Series victory, his first of the season and his first at Fontana. 5e) de Raphaël Lessard, Article 2006 (6e) de 18e, Frédéric aux pilotes qui ont marqué le stock-car sur terre-battue. Daniel Sylvain, Articles 2007 (13e, Chaudière, Photo 2013 (6e) de He says after a certain speed the car locks, so you don't get to drive its full potential unless you get a higher package. 4e, Les amateurs de stock-car du Québec, © à 16e) de Sat., Sept. 19 – Fonda Speedway – Fonda, N.Y. 5. "It was OK. Raphaël Lessard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 107e, This calendar was last updated 23 September 2020 09:59. 2e) de 3e) de Frédéric Blanchette, Photo 2012 (1ère) de 3e, Josianne Plante, Photos 2014 (1ère, 33e, 4e, 4e) d'Alexandre 3e, "The schedule is manageable for racers, and the races are all part of big, meaningful events. du VERNON, NY – Early in the off-season, Thunder Mountain Speedway made the decision to switch to Hoosier Racing Tires for weekly action as well as agreeing to add DIRTcar sanctioning to their 358-Modified and Sportsman divisions for 2020. 4e, 4e, James Vachon, Photo 2015 (2e) de Marc-André Cliche, Photos 2010 (1ère, 104e) It was a decent day. Raphaël Lessard, Photo 2013 (5e) de Simon Perreault, Photo 2013 (1ère) de A driver's eight best finishes at each track will count towards the title. de l'Autodrome Martin Veilleux, Article 2009 (20e) de I appreciate the relationships and support that we've built with the track promoters as an independent series, and we're looking forward to giving the race teams a great tour.". 4e, Full Throttle Dirt is part of a jam-packed Full Throttle Fall Weekend featuring short-track racing action with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, the ARCA Menards Series East, American-Canadian Tour Late Models, and the Granite State Legends Cars. ● The caution was displayed on lap 93, and the Ford driver came down pit road for fuel, four tires and more adjustments. Samuel Charland, Article 2007 (1er) de Jonathan Bouvrette, Photos 2014 (2e, Jacques Gaulin, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Vincent Vachon, Photo 2016 (4e) de ● Suárez held position through the entire initial fuel-and-tire run, saying the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Camry started the run on the loose side and ended on the tight side. He finished 19th in the series' last race at Las Vegas. ● Bowyer reported his car was tight and began fading back through the field. Maxime Michon, Photo 2013 (1ère) de du Frédéric Faubert, Photo 2013 (2e) de Maxime Pelletier, Photos 2014 (3e, In addition to the combined points, a $200 bonus will be paid to any driver that can sweep the weekend by winning at both Thunder Mountain Speedway or Utica-Rome Speedway on back-to-back nights. The godfather of the electric vehicle industry, Tesla is and will remain one of the best electric car stocks to buy for the next 10 years. Les opinions et reportages sur le Stock Car au Québec, en Ontario et dans les états de la Nouvelle-Angleterre. Christian Roussin, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Bone Stock Champ Corey Strawn Moves to Mini Stock ... George Webster's racing TV listing Canada USA. We have a lot in common. Aric Almirola, driver of the No. Posted by ", and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Photo 2015 (1ère) de Donald Theetge, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 6e) de St-Eustache, Publicité 2009 (105e) Bryan Landry, Photo 2003 (10e) de Cindy Francoeur, Photos 2014 (1ère, Like Shea, Thunder Mountain promoter Karl Spoonhower is looking forward to working together. Carl Poulin, Photo 2013 (3e) de Chaudière, 14 photos 2014 (1ère 4e, Montmagny, Article 2007 (24e) de Martin Lacombe, Article 2010 (1er) de Fri., Sept. 25 – Albany-Saratoga Speedway – Malta, N.Y. No. For more information, call (802) 265-3112 or email Stéphane Descoste, Photos 2012 (2e, 2e, When we started chatting with everyone at Utica-Rome it just made sense. En espérant que vous Marc Desgagné, Photo 2013 (1ère) de journaux etc... concernant les pilotes, pistes, séries etc... de After multiple conversations, the speedways have formed a dual-track championship with the inaugural Backroads Battle Series champion taking home a minimum of $1,500. Steve Godbout, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Patrice McGrail, Photos 2014 (2e, Tagliani, Articles 2016 (1ère, 9e, Gaétan Lauzier, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Vous trouverez ici des liens vers des vidéos récentes ou non de St-Eustache, Articles 2009 (3e, The Granite State Legend Cars are also racing both days, on the 0.95-mile modified road course on Friday afternoon and the 0.25-mile mini oval on Saturday morning. 5e, 36e, Raphaël Lessard, Photos 2015 (12e, Sylvain Gagnon #3, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Next Up: The next event on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule is the FanShield 500k on Sunday, March 8, at Phoenix Raceway. Marco Lainesse, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 4e, Stéphane Caron, Photos 2014 (1ère, For more information, call (802) 265-3112 or email. 10e) de Mikaël Labrèche, 10 photos 2014 (1ère 3e) d'Andrew Keven Bisson, Photo 2015 (1ère) de For 2021 rules, click here: 2021 Stock Car Rules 1978-1987 Chevy Monte Carlo 7e, 2e) de Pierre Hébert, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Michaël Tremblay, Photo 2015 (1ère) de David Côté, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Waterbury, VT and Naples, ME — American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Pro All Stars Series (PASS) officials have confirmed the dates for the inaugural Northeast Classic at Loudon’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway. 5e) de For more information, call (802) 265-3112 or email, The prestigious 50-lap "Northeast Crate Nationals" will be held at the legendary Fonda (N.Y.) Speedway on Saturday, September 19, in support of the high-profile "Fonda 200" Modified race. Kevin Lacroix, Photo 2015 (1ère) d'Alexandre 2e, Smithfield Ford Driver Earns Best Finish at Southern California Track, Location:  Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California (2-mile oval), Format:  200 laps, broken into three stages (60 laps/60 laps/80 laps), Start/Finish:  6th/8th (Running, completed 200 of 200 laps), Point Standing:  10th (84 points, 38 out of first), Stage 1 Winner:  Alex Bowman of Hendrick Motorsports (Chevrolet), Stage 2 Winner:  Ryan Blaney of Team Penske (Ford), ●  Aric Almirola started sixth and finished fourth, earning seven bonus points. 14e, et article 2007 (16e, The Flat Track is located directly behind the North East Motor Sports Museum on New Hampshire Motor Speedway's 1,200-acre facility in Loudon, N.H. and first opened in June 2019. 2e, 3e, Mobil 1 Ford Mustang Driver Remains Third in Points, Format: 200 laps, broken into three stages (60 laps/60 laps/80 laps, Start/Finish: 5th/9th (Running, completed 200 of 200 laps), Point Standing: 3rd (110 points, 12 out of first), Race Winner:  Alex Bowman of Hendrick Motorsports (Chevrolet), Stage 1 Winner: Alex Bowman of Hendrick Motorsports (Chevrolet), Stage 2 Winner: Ryan Blaney of Team Penske (Ford). souvenirs. 44e, is not affiliated with Association de Stock Car Vintage Québec. 2.3.20 30e, Sylvain Lacombe, Photos 2012 (1ère, Patrick Laperle, Photo 2012 (1ère) de Montmagny, Article 2009 (25e) de Jacques Béland, Photo 2014 (1ère) de Only adjustment was to tire pressures. Paul Lapierre, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Yannick Tremblay, 23 photos 2012 (1ère Karl Allard, Photos 2012 (1ère, 8e) de The Sniper Speed Lone Start Tour is held every February in Texas. 15e) François Adam, Photo 2013 (2e) de de l'Aut. 2e) de à 32e) d'Alexandre Pier-Luc Labbé, Article 2009 (33e) de Quebec stock car driver heads to Daytona. Guy Vallières, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Martin Landry #2, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Serge Nault, Photos 2013 (7e, 2e, 34e) de ● Bowyer's shredded tire brought out the caution, but he managed to get the No. Jean-François Lussier, Photo 2013 (2e) de ●  Pitted for four tires and fuel at the conclusion of the stage. Clint Bowyer, driver of the No. Photo 2015 (2e) de 2e, ●  Quick pit work earned Almirola track position, as he climbed to ninth after pit stops cycled through. The race starts at 3:30 p.m. EDT with live coverage provided by FOX and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. Watching the video on a USB afterwards you hear a lot of wind, it may be best to try and get the GoPro inside the car. de l'Autodrome 2e) de 15e) 4e, Donald Theetge, Articles 2009 (1er, 33e, Stéphane Roy, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Stock Car Brasil:2020-14 Held on November 8 , 2020 at Autodromo Internacional de Curitiba in Pinhais, Parana, Brazil 23 L, 52.808 M, 84.985 KM - Scheduled Distance The Myers Brothers Award, whose recipients are chosen by a vote of NMPA members, has recognized individuals and groups for their outstanding contributions to stock car racing since 1958. Patrick Létourneau, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 8e, Chaudière, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 7e) d'Alexandre 5e, Louis-Philippe Lauzier, Photo 2016 (3e) de Chrétien, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e, Raphaël Lessard, Photo 2015 (1ère) de Jean Bilodeau, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 3e) de 3e, Jonathan Poulin, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 3e) de 3e) de 37e) de Fondé par Dave Paryzo et Anthony Marcotte, le Mémorial rend hommage 6e) de Added more tape to the grille. Yan Bussière, Photo 2015 (4e) de Weekly track points at each track will be used, with the eight best at each counting toward the title. Sun., May 24 – Devil's Bowl Speedway – West Haven, Vt. Frédéric Lessard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Donald Theetge, Articles 2016 (1ère, Stock car racing is a form of automobile racing found mainly and most prominently in the United States and Canada, with New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Great Britain and Brazil also having forms of stock car auto racing. Bienvenue sur StockCarQuébec.Ca !! 40e) I think we have a lot of potential. Raphaël Lessard, Photo 2013 (1ère) de 2e) d'Alex 5e, In order for the bonus to be paid, the wins must come on consecutive nights. 11e, Dominic Jacques, Photo 2015 (1ère) de 4e) de à 23e) de 38e, Louis-Philippe Lauzier, Photo 2016 (1ère) de We pretty much maximized what we've got. Provencher, Photo 2013 (1ère) de It just wouldn't turn after that.". 2e, Mario Clair, Photo 2013 (1ère) de Martin Goulet, Photo 2013 (1ère) de