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Learning method for teenagers


Levels offered:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary : A1 + A2*
  • Intermediate : B1 +B2*
  • Advanced : C1 +C2*

* as determined by the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference


  • Maximum of 15 students/class (mainly German, Spanish, Italian or Scandinavian).
  • Classes are grouped by level, as determined on the first day by a written assessment test followed by an individual oral test with a teacher.
  • All our classrooms are equipped with audio and video equipment.
  • Some courses will take place during guided tours or in various locations, to give students a total immersion in the French culture.
    The media you are dealing with everyday (cartoons, songs, TV shows, movies) are used to increase your efficiency of both written and oral understanding.
  • At the end of your stay, your progress will carefully be assessed and noted on the certificate of evaluation presented to you.

Our pedagogical team

All our teachers are all graduated of french universities. All have proven experience in the teaching of French to young foreign students.
They are experienced in teaching kids and will tailor their lessons according to the age, areas of interest and concentration abilities of their pupils.
They offer well-rounded courses based on a dynamic teaching method, which favors their young pupils' involvement.

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