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Accommodation for teenagers

ATOLL Juniors offers three different types of accommodation :

Immersion in a host family

- Available in Antibes, Cannes and Biarritz.
For those looking for total immersion within French culture, a host family is the ideal choice. By staying with a family, you will gain an understanding of France from the inside. You will be living in a comfortable home and often sharing in the everyday life of your hosts, and sometimes even participate in their family activities.
You may opt for a single room or to share a room with another student.

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On Campus

- Available in Antibes, Cannes, Hyères, Nice, Paris, Biarritz.
When you opt to stay on campus, you can be sure of finding a whole infrastructure especially reserved for you, in addition to your courses. You will find yourself living and working with students from all over the world in an enriching and stimulating "club" atmosphere.

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In Residence

- Available in Antibes (Easter, Pentecost, Autumn) .
Residence accommodation is an alternative for campus accommodation as campuses are only available in summer (July and August).
You will be accommodated in a double room or in a single room with an extra cost. You will benefit from more autonomy in your everyday life.

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Free shuttle services:

A free shuttle service links the campuses to the town centre and beaches.
There is no shuttle service available for city center accommodations.


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